Chains – Dancing With My Demons


Review by Will Harris

Svart Records

A lot can change in six months, a fact no better proven than by the example of Slovenian doom outfit Chains, whose new 7”, Dancing With My Demons, marks a considerable departure from their debut album Of Death, released in October 2012. Whereas Of Death, a single-handed creation of vocalist and multi-instrumentalist E. Chains, is an hour-long, seven-track dirge into the darkest, most haunting and hypnotic depths of ambient drone, the new single, featuring new drummer Lord Samhain, presents two pieces of much briefer, more retro and more vocal-led doom.

The startling distorted roar that opens the title track promises more of the same as their debut, before leading into five minutes of weary, ringing power chords and a death-march beat, accompanied by a simple yet equally disheartening lead guitar line and E. Chains’ new, clean vocal, snarling with pain and desperation. The B-side, on the other hand, runs in a more Paul Chain vein, opening with a fun Sabbathesque riff, and more or less falling flat on its face afterwards. An overly simplistic song structure, weak riffs and the lead guitar’s thoughtless mimicry of either the rhythm or the vocal (or vice versa, whichever it is) make the song feel kind of thrown together, not to mention a bore.

Some might find that the A-side, in its desolate glory, alone warrants a purchase, but the second track of Dancing With My Demons simply demonstrates the risk you take in straying too far from what you know.

Chains DWMD6.5 out of 10

Track listing:

  1.  Dancing With My Demons
  2. Join The Sabbath