Carved – Dies Irae


Review by Robert Baker

Orchestral saturnine and drenched in pathos Dies Irae by the melodic death metal band Carved is an intense experience of sound, scope and atmosphere that commands your attention before conquering your soul. Standing firmly in the darker, heavier side of metal Dies Irae is the perfect justification for why the band is named Carved, the songs cutting through the walls of suspicion of an album clearly not from the pop-ier side of rock as they gouge at the unconscious expectations you may have ready for comparison, leaving nothing more than vestigial lumps of unwanted flesh at the feet of your mind’s ear to be discarded and forgotten as you subjugate yourself to the munitions of Dies Irae’s intense teachings.

Carved - Dies Irae

Like Webber and the Phantom, Carved have produced nine tracks that would sit as comfortably in an amphitheatre as they do your iPod, a string quartet and conductor blocking your view of the band’s feet as songs such as the sublime title track ‘Dies Irae (Praeludium)’ opens the album to a beguiling musical ‘clearing of the earth’, washing away your assumption and presumption in preparation for new understanding to grow. And grow it will, both strong and fruitful indeed, with ‘Echo Of My Cinderella’ the second song in the track list but first where Carved unveil the full picture of their intent. Vocalist Cristian Guzzon wastes no time showing a formidable range capable of troubling the sub-woofer and peaking the metre, his voice reaching depths so dark as to be almost untenable whilst also offering a more clearer, reserved and refined output to bolster the overall structure into an incredible tour de force.

By the time you find yourself reaching the final track on the album, ‘A New World (Postludium)’, you feel like you did the first time you heard the song that turned you onto music, its gentle refrain achingly beautiful in its execution of calm breathlessness as Carved step away from your speakers, leaves you at the centre of a new universe to explore and consider what possible musical horizons may exist out there in these new endless musical boundaries they were so gracious in awakening you to.

8 out of 10

Track listing:

  1. Dies Irae (Praeludium)
  2. Echo Of My Cinderella (The Final Symphony)
  3. Enter The Silence
  4. Scripta Manent (Bullshit)
  5. The Perfect Storm
  6. At The Gates Of Ice
  7. Ashes Of A Scar
  8. Black Lily Of Chaos
  9. A New World (Postludium)