Bonafide – Messin’ In Wales (DVD)


Review by Dean Pedley

Recorded live at Hard Rock Hell which takes place each year in north Wales, Messin’ In Wales captures the revved up Swedes blistering 60 minutes set that really brought the main stage to life mid-way through Saturday afternoon. Pontus Snibb and his ragtag rough and ready band mates have been making strides over the past couple of years with consistently strong live shows and ever improving studio albums, 2012’s Ultimate Rebel staking a claim to be their best one yet. For sure they may be one of numerous contemporary bands that has its sound rooted in that 70’s classic hard rock vibe but Bonafide also have a special extra something that makes them stand out from the crowd.

The Hard Rock Hell faithful may have been nursing previous day’s hangovers but no one wanted to miss this set and they are packed in front and centre. The fired up band kick start with the upbeat groove of ‘Doing the Pretty’ and they are off and running, Snibb’s frazzled vocals the perfect foil for the down and dirty riffs that ooze through their songs. ‘Fill Your Head With Rock’ comes complete with fire breathing backing dancers and takes the temperature even higher, the anthem that was written for Sweden Rock having been adopted as their own by the massed Welsh hordes. The DVD also captures the moment when an evidently worse for wear Spike wanders on stage to the bemusement of the band and promptly walks back off again. And talking of the Quireboys if you are going to one of their gigs in October then Bonafide are the main support so be sure not to miss them. In the meantime this DVD serves as a fine reminder of one of the highlights from what was a superb weekend.

Bonafide – Messin In Wales8 out of 10

Track Listing:

  1. Doing The Pretty
  2. Dirt Bound
  3. Butter You Up
  4. Too Fired Up
  5. The Mess
  6. No Doubt About it
  7. Hard Living Man
  8. Down
  9. Can’t Get Through
  10. Loud Band
  11. Fill Your Head With Rock