Bloodstock Interview – Left For Red


by Paul Castles

Left For RedAmong the Midlands acts performing at Bloodstock were Left For Red. To say they were excited about playing the Hobgoblin New Blood Stage was an understatement. The Stourbridge outfit features a schoolteacher who on hearing news of their Catton Hall booking launched into an impromptu one-man circle pit around the classroom. Paul Castles set off in hot pursuit.

“We seem to be the metal band for people who don’t like metal! A lot of people say they don’t want to watch us and then after say ‘I quite liked you guys!’ It’s because we’ve got a lot of melody and groove. We’ve got a bit of something for everybody.”


Left For Red play the The Flapper in Birmingham on Sunday December 13.

Interview starts at 10:00

Bloodstock Festival Interviews – 1349 + Left For Red by Midlands Rocks Radio on Mixcloud


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