Bloodstock Interview – 1349


by Paul Castles

1349Norwegian black metal kings 1349 are never happier than when spraying a Satanic surge of evil across the pit. Paul Castles caught up with the Bergen darklords’ singer Rvn after their bible-bashing set on the Ronnie James Dio stage at Bloodstock.

“The thing about 1349 is that it’s not about the individuals. We came to notice this some years back. The band has an energy and being of its own. 1349 is a band that is greater than the sum of the four of us together. Even when we use session musicians like our drummer today they just fall into the character of the band. They feel the connections. That’s how it works for us.”


Bloodstock Festival Interviews – 1349 + Left For Red by Midlands Rocks Radio on Mixcloud