Blacklisters – BLKLSTRS


Review by Tony Gaskin

Debut album from Leeds noise pedallers Blacklisters throws down the gauntlet for album of the year.

Following up their two highly acclaimed EP’s, this first full length effort stretches the noise boundaries to a new ear shattering high. Youngsters out there may listen in and make comparisons to the modern corp of British underground hardcore music such as Shellac, Kong and the more widely known Pulled Apart By Horses, but to an old git like me they bring back memories of seedy dives back in the early 80’s watching bands like Bog Shed and The Membranes, or if those don’t mean anything to you then how about a cross between The Melvins and The Birthday Party?

Whatever comparison you’d like to make though the simple fact is this album is loud, brutal and unrelenting in it’s delivery. Opening up with the track “Clubfoot By Kasabian”, you feel like a battered pugilist within minutes, as opening tracks go this one pulls no punches and leaves you reeling from the pounding drums and jabbing bass.

Every track is then designed to keep you on the ropes until the final chords count you out. But this is like Fight Club, you may have had a battering but you pick yourself up with a huge grin on your face, it’s that good.

Vocalist Billy Mason-Wood delivers with such a ferocious intensity, you feel like you wouldn’t like to be left alone in a room with him, but you would be happy to be in the middle of a pit at one of their lively affairs. He sounds at times a bit like Beck on speed whilst at others like Nick Cave at his most vitriolic, definitely no shrinking violet.

They must surely win an award for the longest title track ever for “I Can Confirm That Ruth Abigail Holmes Is Not Dead And Is Planning To Make A Movie About Her” Phew! It’s also one of my fav’s off the album, along with Swords and OK47. To be honest every track is worthy of being a favourite, this album is stunning, and if you know me I don’t bandy praise like that around very often.

So, if you like your Hardcore music with a bit more depth and intelligence then I urge you to check these guys out, they’ll be at the O2 Academy in Birmingham on Sunday 8th April supporting Chicago’s metal instrumentalists Pelican.

The album is released on the 24th April on Brew Records

Rating 10 out of 10