Black Cilice – Nocturnal Mysticism 7″ EP


Raw and exquisite agony…

Suffered on your behalf by Jason Guest and released through Iron Bonehead Productions (Website; Facebook) on 16 December 2016

Shrouded in reverb, the atmospheric guitar that opens ‘…Part I’ of this EP is haunting, an icy chill settling in before black metal bile and bitterness charges forth and promptly takes the track into the next room, shuts the door, and obliges us to listen from afar. Atmospheric passages, discordant and jarring riffs, tortured screams and maniac howls, and raucous drumming reverberate in the lo-fi wind-tunnel production and make for a harrowing experience. Raw to its core and black to its belly, the cacophony that fills the blackened air of the two tracks here is filthy, foul and futile. Somewhere in the mist and the murk and the toxic malevolence are two tracks that burn beautifully. Exquisite agony.

Black Cilice – Nocturnal Mysticism 7 out of 10

Track list:

  1. Nocturnal Mysticism Part I
  2. Nocturnal Mysticism Part II