Black Aces – Shot In The Dark


Aussie rockers doing exactly what they say on the tin…

Released through Bad Reputation Records on 30 September 2016 and, according to Stephen Brophy, is by no way a Shot In The Dark…

One thing you find with a lot rock bands coming out of Australia is they play balls out, honest, hard rockin’ party music, and Black Aces certainly fall into that category. The band have been working really hard since 2011 touring all over their homeland and gaining support both at home and abroad with a brief European jaunt a couple of years back introducing them to a wider audience and landing them a record deal with French label Bad Reputation.

There isn’t anything ground-breaking or genre defying here but it’s an enjoyable journey. Eleven tracks, some fast, some a bit more grinding and moody, and a really nice choice of bonus tracks on the CD version with a cracking cover of ‘Girl’s Got Rhythm’ in the mix. As always there are standout tracks. There’s a certain confidence and maturity about ‘Girl Like You’ that just oozes out of the speakers and the 70s vibe of ‘I’m Your Nightmare’ and balls out rocker ‘Rough Touch’, this last track bombing along like you are in a rust-bucket motor rumbling down an Aussie highway, smoke bellowing from the exhaust and this blaring from the stereo.

This album is all about fun, low-tuned, bass-laden bluesy rock with high pitched vocals and some screaming guitars – not a million miles away from Airbourne at times in sound yet different. They just lay it out there and do what they do, no pretentions, no bullshit, it’s exactly as it should be: guitar-orientated Rock ‘N’ Roll. Similarities to homeland bands of today and yesteryear are inescapable for these guys I think. Don’t let that put you off, damn fine effort and more to look forward to.

black-aces-shot-in-the-dark7.5 out of 10

Track list:

  1. Shot In The Dark
  2. Girl Like You
  3. Back On The Chain
  4. Sick As A Dog
  5. I’m Your Nightmare
  6. Let It Roll
  7. Rough Touch
  8. Burnin’ Up The Highway
  9. Take It To The Wire
  10. The Walls
  11. Girls Got Rhythm (Bonus)
  12. Shake The Ace (Bonus)
  13. Wanted Man (Bonus)