Biters – The Future Ain’t What It Used To Be


A paean to the British rock of the 70s

Biting Allan’s backside since 19 May 2017

Most bands seem to struggle with ‘second album syndrome’ and offer up a limp reminder of a glorious debut album. Well, in this case, I’m glad to report that Biters have apparently skipped the difficult second album and gone for the triumphant follow-up instead. Weighing in at a shade over 33 minutes long, this album is a paean to the British rock of the 70s brought to us by the likes of T. Rex, Bowie, The Sweet, and Slade. Even better, it’s not a pale imitation of these names, or some sort of nostalgic effort.

No, what the Atlanta-based band have offered up here is very much the real deal. You can’t help but tap your feet and nod your head along to the glorious riffage going on throughout the album. If you’re familiar with their debut, the sound is a little more stripped back and a lot more focused, but still has every bit of the impact and drive that made their first so much fun.

It’s an effortless blend, taking some strutting glam rhythm lines, guitar work from the sleaziest rockers you can think of, big stompy drum beats, and throwing down some simple lyrics on top that are just bound to get their hooks into you as you listen to it. It’s unabashedly retro, and drips with attitude from every pore.

This time around, we even get a couple of changes of pace – the piano introduction on ‘Hollywood’ and the acoustic slide and southern rock vibe of ‘Goin’ Back to Georgia’ show that there’s more depth to this band than you might at first believe. However, it’s definitely in the more upbeat songs that these guys really shine – ‘Don’t Turn This Good Heart Bad’ is an almost disco-pop effort, and the soaring chorus lines in ‘No Stranger To Heartache’ and ‘Callin’ You Home’ just beg to be sung along with.

If you want me to pretend there are some bad parts here, I’d be hard pushed – it’s perhaps a little less raw than the debut. The polish and poise does come with a price tag attached, but if you ask me it’s worth paying. The good thing is that it feels like it’s the sound of the band progressing and pushing themselves to ensure that they’re not just releasing a copy of the first album. The only other complaint I’d make is that it’s too damned short because I can guarantee it’s pretty much going to be on my playlist from here out.

Biters – The Future Ain't What It Used To BeTrack list:

  1. Let It Roll
  2. Stone Cold Love
  3. Callin’ You Home
  4. Don’t Turn This Good Heart Bad
  5. Gypsy Rose
  6. No Stranger To Heartache
  7. Vulture City
  8. Hollywood
  9. Chasin’ The Feeling
  10. Goin’ Back To Georgia