Baphomet’s Blood – In Satan We Trust


Everything faster than everything else…

Review by Jason Guest

Iron Bonehead

Release date: 25 January 2016

A new band to these blissfully battered ears, Italy’s Baphomet’s Blood have been at it since 2003. With three albums and a couple EPs to their name and kitted out in hi-tops, blue jeans, bullet belts, sleeveless Ts, spiked gauntlets and brandishing flying Vs and cigarettes and JD, this band of bastards clearly love Motörhead, Venom, and JD. All the clichés? Well, yeah, but they’re pretty good fun. The tempo rarely dropping below ludicrous speed, while their first three albums are pretty standard speed/thrash metal, with album number four (and first since 2009) In Satan We Trust, they crank up the evil as much as they do the Lemmy worship.

Immediately noticeable is the improved production (maybe because they’ve been saving up the pennies is the reason for their absence these past seven years; we may never know). An intro that would sit well upon the soundtrack of any 70s horror movie to entice one’s tongue into the proverbial and we are soon thrust into an album that hits harder than Philthy Animal Taylor and Fast Eddie Clarke in a punch up. Rapid riffs aplenty and a venomous vocal spitting satanic slurs and alcoholic abuse, this is rough, raw and aggressive from start to finish. The track titles say it all…

While there’s not much variation across the album – the band seem to be in a race as to who can get to the end the fastest – what they deliver may not get many marks for originality but for all-out blast-it-past-‘em-at-the-speed-of-evil entertainment, it’s way up there. If you find yourself craving more of what Lemmy and his mob bestowed upon us these past 40 years, you could do worse than give this a blast.

Baphomets Blood - In Satan We Trust7 out of 10

Track listing:

  1. Command In The Inverted Cross
  2. In Satan We Trust
  3. Hellbreaker
  4. Underground Demons
  5. Triple Six
  6. Infernal Overdrive
  7. Whiskey Rocker
  8. Eleg (Farao Cover)