Atomicide – Chaos Abomination


Vicious, devastating, and cranium-crushing…

Review by Jason Guest

Iron Bonehead

Release date: 30 January 2015

Recently interviewed (here), bassist/vocalist Atomizer of Chile’s Atomicide described this album as reflecting “Chaos as destruction, annihilation, horror and desolation.” That’s about all that needs to be said – or indeed can be said – about this album. At it since 2003, Atomicide are as they ever were: chaotic, obscure, and fast – very fast. Pinned to the wall from savage start to ugly end, this is death metal worship in the extreme.

Vicious, direct, and devastating, a mass of straight-for-the-jugular riffs, cranium-crushing beats, and rancorous reverberating vocals, the 78-second blast of ferocity that is the title track encapsulates everything about the album. There’s the odd passage where the band slow it down, but though these minor gaps could offer some respite from the onslaught, they are warnings of what is quickly to follow. Chilean bands don’t do death metal at half-mast; it’s full on or not at all, and Atomicide are another band from that heaving horde that basks in the glory of unremitting violence. Want war metal par excellence? Get this.

7.5 out of 10

Track listing:

  1. Is Vis Pacem Para Bellum
  2. Pestilential Hammer Blows
  3. T.O.M.I.C.I.D.E.
  4. Preparing Your Gallows
  5. Under The Spell Of Destruction
  6. Megaton Desolation
  7. Poison Graves
  8. Chaos Abomination
  9. Victorious Over The Ashes