Ascension – The Dead of The World


The gods of death again find their way into this world…

World Terror Committee

Release date: 24 December 2014

In MR’s recent interview with the band (here), the united voice of its members described their music as a divine tool of communication between them and their gods. For those that heard the Deathless Light EP released on All Hallows’ Eve, what that meant should be clear. And what those two tracks threatened has now been delivered in full. Between in the relatively short five-minute blast of ‘Black Ember’ and the eleven-minute epic closer ‘Mortui Mundi’, the sheer weight, the atmospheric density, and the compositional skill across this colossal album is balanced perfectly.

The tempo dragged down for opener ‘The Silence of Abel’, the sinister tone is set, the deliberate slow burn of the blackened grandeur fortified by the double kick work and the mid-tempo riffs that spill over into ‘Death’s Golden Temple’ before the gates of hell are opened and black metal brutality is unleashed in all its gruesome glory. Miasmic and murderous, a mass of darkness and negative emotions, the tracks are more hymns to the arcane deities. And with discord and disharmony fuelling fire-laced riffs and contorted lead work, remorseless devastation driving the drums, and an evil and angst-laced vocal, the gods of death have found their way into this world.

Ascension - TheDeadOfTheWorld8.5 out of 10

Track listing:

  1. The Silence Of Abel
  2. Death’s Golden Temple
  3. Black Ember
  4. Unlocking Tiamat
  5. Deathless Light
  6. The Dark Tomb Shines
  7. Mortui Mundi