Architects + Deez Nuts + Bury Tomorrow + The Acacia Strain @ HMV Institute, Birmingham – 11 November 2012


Review by Jack Arkell

Not many bands can rival the sheer graft shown by Brighton based metalcore act Architects. Having played the same venue last December during their full UK tour in support of ‘The Here and Now’, Architects returned to Birmingham’s HMV Institute during another extensive tour of England.

Supported by Deez Nuts, Bury Tomorrow and The Acacia Strain, it is no surprise that the crowd are sufficiently warmed up by the time frontman Sam Carter leads Architects onto the stage for ‘The Bitter End’, the first of several tracks from new record ‘Daybreaker’.

And indeed, the new material has refreshed the setlist, though the old favourites are just as welcome in their presence. ‘Day In Day Out’ is the first of these, with the crowd reaction proving the sustained popularity of the band’s back catalogue.

Though the set clocks in at no more than an hour, it is a typically blistering Architects performance. No time is wasted, with Carter not one to drag things out between songs. While a longer set would have been desirable, there is no lack of effort or energy.

Perhaps the most exciting thing is that there’s still potential left to be realised by the quartet, and big tracks still to be written. Not that there’s any shortage of live anthems currently, ‘Follow the Water’ in particular shaking the foundations of the Institute.

Even off the back of another solid live performance tonight, Architects should be wary of touring too often. Three headline tours in the space of a year is an intensive touring schedule by anyone’s standards. While nor the band or their fans seem weathered at all by this, there’s always the danger of becoming seen as the house band rather than the returning heroes.

Still, there’s something perverse about criticising a young English band for working too hard, and this is a group of musicians that UK metal fans have good reason to be proud of. Their studio output has remained of a very decent standard, and judging on tonight’s evidence, so have the live performances.