Anna Von Hausswolff – Dead Magic


Hauntingly spiritual…

Released on 2 March 2018 and reviewed by Stefan P

Produced by Randall Dunn (of Wolves in the Throne Room and Sunn O))) notoriety), Dark Magic is the fourth album by Anna Von Hausswolff. From the outset ‘The Truth, The Glow, and The Fall’ sets the tone with its wonderfully ethereal and ambient soundscapes. The sustained and sombre 20th century pipe organ along with Von Hausswolff’s haunting vocal brings a pulsating shiver to the core with its lucid soul-stirring presence. The drums, the guitars, the symbolic chimes and the chilling vocal melodies of first single ‘The Mysterious Vanishing of Electra’ quickly conjure up images of darkness and mysticism and two tracks in and the album is already breath-taking.

The brooding and peculiar ‘The Ugly and Vengeful’ grows organically into an ornate an audacious piece of music blending various styles and textures, Von Hausswolff’s vocal melodies adding a touch of menace to this standout and epic track. Immediately ‘Källans återuppståndelse’ brings to mind the suspense of a horror film with its emotionally-rich strings balanced with the numinous pipe organ sounds.

This is an album that requires attention and focus to fully capture the full listening experience. Hausswolff’s vocals are haunting and spine chilling and the songs are slow to build and open up and offer many deep and enthralling levels. Unlike anything you’ve heard before, this is a jarring and spiritual experience. Highly recommended.

Ann Von Hausswolff – Dead MagicTrack list:

  1. The Truth, The Glow, The Fall
  2. The Mysterious Vanishing of Electra
  3. Ugly And Vengeful
  4. The Marble Eye
  5. Källans återuppståndelse