Angrrsth – Znikąd


Angrrsth’s demo EP generated a few ripples in the Black Metal pond but hopefully now it’s been given an additional layer of polish courtesy of Godz ov War Productions it should be able to reach out to an even wider audience. Znikąd sees some of the traditional icy Black Metal blasts replaced by some more warmly delivered grooves. Which isn’t to say the ferocity levels are diminished, merely that they’re rolled up and presented in a slightly less abrasive tone.

‘Krew I Trans’ is certainly an impressive opener but one that in the main teeters along well within itself,  a foreboding doom approach setting a metronomic pace before a racier injection of speed arrives in the final flurries, while frontman Hermann has the kind of crusty croak that could scrape wallpaper off a wall.

Angrrsth go about their work with an air of authority and once the EP’s second track, ‘I Kopyt Słyszę Stuk’ settles into a sumptuous groove it becomes clear that the four-man outfit from the Polish town of Toruń are moving along the right lines. Things settle quickly into a percussive march but some fiery riff work helps maintain a dangerous edge.

‘Upadłem’ is more energetic and wider reaching with some great tremolo ticks as Angrrsth lay down some impressive grooves for a newcomer and even tuck in an almost pregnant pause before a hearty Hermann roar picks up the pace once more. The fourth song ‘Siarka I Kwas’ has a pounding intro and some Norwegian-like cries which are greeted with a tumble of blastbeats before Angrrsth open things up, Hermann’s almost military like barks timed to hit their peak over a strident melody.

‘Nad Głową Sznur’ is an additional Angrrsth track, one that did not feature on the band’s demo. It’s actually the longest of the five songs and possibly the most infectious, a real meaty chug powering things along through the opening stages. Hermann hits overdrive with some immense yelps that sound as though he’s having the time of his life while some of the riffs are catchier than the plague in medieval times.

It’s a highly satisfying way to close a debut EP and with natural progress from Znikąd a full length album from these pugnacious Poles cannot come soon enough.

Reviewed by Paul Castles and released via Godz ov War Productions on 1 October 2018


  1. Krew I Trans
  2. I Kopyt Słyszę Stuk
  3. Upadłem
  4. Siarka I Kwas
  5. Nad Głową Sznur