Anal Vomit – Peste Negra, Muerte Negra


Shove this up your back passage until you puke…

Review by Jason Guest

Gates Of Hell Records

Release date: 10 April 2015

It’s 1992. I imagine the band meeting went something like this:

“I fucking hate everybody!”

“Yeah, me too! If only we could piss them off enough to make them look at the world in an enlightened way and see the hypocrisies of the world’s leaders for what they are…”

“Should we start a death metal band? It’s worked before.”

“Has it?”

“Yeah… I think.”

“Tell me more, please.”

Hours passed. Beers were passed. Then they – and the beers – were pissed. And then as if from the fetid, filth-ridden cesspit known to some as “heaven above”, Anal Vomit poured down upon them. Rapture and joy ensued. And so, with the band name sorted they then set about releasing putrid and repulsive death metal swamped in reverb, distortion, and abnormal riffage that induces panic, nausea and an uncontrollable urge to drink – beer if you’re lucky… or vomit from a bottom if that be your inclination.

Album number four and with not an original member in sight, Peru’s Anal Vomit are as nauseatingly vomit-inducing as they always were. A massive riff and screaming lead work and immediately ‘Brebaje De Muerte’ is devastating death metal. Thrash riffs are smashed to bits with heavy metal chords and lunatic leads and the drums blast out crushing beats in nine tracks that, as the album proceeds, just get filthier and more gruesome. Whatever the hell bassist/vocalist Milo Possessor is grunting about – probably gore, violence, sexual depravity, death, demons and/or Satanism – doesn’t really matter. His voice is malodorous malevolence personified. There’s nothing original here but Anal Vomit aren’t interested in producing anything except rotten, grotesque, utterly unpalatable and razor-suckingly stomach-churning death metal.

Anal Vomit-20157.5 out of 10

Track Listing:

  1. Brebaje de muerte
  2. Valle de tinieblas
  3. Obsessive Sexual Slaughter
  4. La muerte del papa – Interludio
  5. Dios muerto
  6. Venganza obscura
  7. A Savage Fornication
  8. Estado comatose
  9. Pact to Kill / Outro