Alcoholocaust (Portugal) – Necro Apocalipse Bestial


Formed in 2006 in a conspiracy between word-slurrer Blasphemator and riff-puker Possessus, this debut album has been a long time coming. 3 demos have emerged over the years – Ensaio do Diablo in 2006, Speed Degredo Metal in 2008 and Bêbados de Merda in 2012 – until now, when perhaps, possibly, maybe-but-maybe-not, I-seriously-doubt-it, the band were at some point sober enough to book some studio time and record an album, yes, a whole album: Necro Apocalipse Bestial.

With Speed Bastardo on guitars and backing vocals, Sordidus on bass, and Thrashminator on drums, anti-posers Alcoholocaust are a depraved, despicable, demented, and drunk collective. Sung in their native language, the vocals are harsh, the riffs are barbwire knuckledusters, the drums are hammer-smashed faeces, and the songs are armed to the teeth and filled to the gills with venom, not one track slowing or slurring or stumbling. And in honour of their inspirations Destruction, Sodom, Kreator, and Germany’s Poison, Alcoholocaust show no mercy (yes, they are devotees of early Slayer too) in ten tracks of black speed thrash that, with or without tanking up on many a treacherous tipple, are splendidly rabid impious hymns to all things diabolical. If this is how they sound when they are drunk, the world should hope sobriety doesn’t sneak up on them. Quick! Get this band more booze!

Track list:

  1. Solução Abisma
  2. Speed Metal Tornado
  3. Blasfémia Total
  4. Bulldozer Infernal
  5. Anti-Gótico
  6. Necro Ritual
  7. Hecatombe
  8. Patrulha Do Thrash
  9. Anti Sóbrio
  10. Assalto Metálico