Adrenaline Mob – We The People


Pure perfection…

Released by Sonic Stomp Studios on 2 June 2017

Reviewed by Angie K

When I first heard of Adrenaline Mob, my interest immediately peaked for a very good reason: everything surrounding Symphony X, their own projects as well as spin-offs is marked with the stamp of class and high quality and is gelled together by dedication to one mission: not settling for anything less than pure perfection and professionalism.

At that time, despite of being a die-hard fan of Russell Allen, I was finding Adrenaline Mob slightly too rough for my own liking. They were raw and full of untamed energy that unleashed Symphony X’s wild side. Unlike bass player Mike LePond’s Silent Assassins whose sole talent choose a more classical, Iron Maiden/Judas Priest/Manowar-like direction, Adrenaline Mob were SX’s rebel brother.

This time, listening to The Mob’s third CD, We The People, I can use one word only: immaculate, from start to finish. No one knew whether the band would come back, after what they had been through since their last album Men of Honor 2014. It feels like yesterday when their road accident broke on the news, and the heart-breaking loss of their drummer A.J. Pero made it feel impossible that the band would ever pick up the pieces. They now seem stronger than ever. Mike Orlando and Russell Allen made it, and they are in their element, proving that the two of them create music that is marked with the same stamp of originality and high quality – and they are here to stay.

For those who like putting music in boxes, this album would be in the same box as Avenged Sevenfold and Volbeat. There is a bit of everything that is big in rock music nowadays, just to show that they don’t want to fit into a box but can do it all: heavy metal, alternative, thrash, even industrial, all backed up with explosive riffs, sound drum/rhythm section, and loads and loads of high doze energy, making it impossible not to listen to the CD in one go. They surely know how to shred and head bang (‘Ignorance & Greed’, ‘Lords Of Thunder’, ‘King Of The Ring’, ‘What You’re Made Of’, ‘Raise ‘Em Up’, etc), how to be melodic (‘Chasing Dragons’, ‘Blind Leading The Blind’), how to do commercial – with a nearly pop wink (‘Raise ‘Em Up’, Billy Idol’s ‘Rebel Yell’), and how to do thrash metal (‘Ignorance & Greed).

With talents of Allen’s and Orlando’s class, you won’t hear references to other musicians, simply because they are far too original to lean on others, however certain (gentle) similarities can be drawn. You can hear some Rage Against The Machine traits in ‘What You’re Made Of’; and the Avenged Sevenfold spirit is pretty much everywhere (‘Blind Leading The Blind’ being a primary example).

In terms of lyrics, the album is loaded socially and politically – without overdoing it. They make it clear that they care about the state of the world, and it is obvious that their creation is influenced by recent political events (the recent US elections). Unlike Symphony X who choose classical themes and metaphors for their songs, Adrenaline Mob clearly concentrate on present day and this is made explicit.

Last but not least – what Adrenaline Mob deploys is the most unique lead vocalist on the metal scene at present, the phenomenon Russell Allen. He is one of his own: the singer who can perform literally anything. His unbelievable talent evolves through all his satellite projects, and it is an immense pleasure to follow his music journey. What one cannot help but notice is his dedication to everything he does, thus making it even more special. Which is, yet, another sign of professionalism: giving it all. Which is all one can do.

Adrenaline Mob – We The PeopleTrack list:

  1. King Of The Ring
  2. We The People
  3. The Killer’s Inside
  4. Bleeding Hands
  5. Chasing Dragons
  6. Till The Head Explodes
  7. What You’re Made Of
  8. Raise ‘Em Up
  9. Ignorance & Greed
  10. Bling Leading The Blind
  11. Violent State of Mind
  12. Lords Of Thunder
  13. Rebel Yell