Abhomine – Larvae Offal Swine


Intense and brutal…


War declared by Hells Headbangers and  Osmose Productions on 29 April 2016 with a severe beating taken by Jason “the Offal Avoider” Guest

After a one-minute intro of pig grunts and repeated chants of “Worm Pig Shit”, Abhomine’s long-awaited debut full length is unleashed. The solo project of Angelcorpse’s Pete Helmkamp is remorseless. With lyrics that expose the untruths and falsehoods that humankind readily swallows, it’s intense and brutal from the outset.

Declaring the in-for-the-kill approach, ‘Buried With Pig’ and ‘Kapos And Whores’ are a blur of savage grooves and machine-gun riffs. ‘Crown of Flies’ drags us further into the darkness, the track bringing a markedly sinister feel to the album’s already-vicious aesthetic. While the riffs are ripping and ruthless, on ‘Blackmaguswhitehouse’ it’s the bass-work that is particularly inspired. A vehement salvo, ‘Narcocult’ may be violence embodied but it does nothing new or different to what we’ve heard already. And neither does ‘Nest of Disgust’. But it’s the track that sits between them, ‘Reptile Annunciation’, where Larvae Offal Swine hits its peak.

The filth and the fury of this album is undeniable. Helmkamp is an accomplished musician yet it’s his unmistakable acidic vocals that are the crowning glory of this album. The tracks are good but take away his distinct vocals and there’s not too much here to make it stand out as anything other than a good album with some excellent touches here and there. But now, with Angelcorpse back together, it remains to be seen whether Abhomine will be put on the backburner…

Abhomine 20166.5 out of 10

Track listing:

  1. Intro: Worm Pig Shit
  2. Buried With Pig
  3. Kapos And Whores
  4. Crown of Flies
  5. Blackmaguswhitehouse
  6. Narcocult
  7. Reptile Annunciation
  8. Nest of Disgust
  9. Outro: Larvae Offal Swine