30,000 Monkies soon to arrive in the UK!


All the way from Beringen, Belgium, that unsettled band of merry men with a proclivity for the twisted known as 30,000 Monkies will be playing 4 dates in the UK.

MR reviewed their 2016 debut album I Ate Myself to Grow Twice as Big a while back (here) and was mightily impressed, so impressed that we also interviewed the band (here).

Citing the scene in Predator where they are just firing away in the jungle for minutes as the image perfectly captures what they are doing with their music and with album and track titles such as ‘Somewhere Over The Painbow’, ‘Wombe Eater Wife Beater’,  ‘Orlando Doom’ and ‘Keanu Riffs’. It’s pretty safe to say this lot are not safe.

All the more reason to go see them, yes?

Here are the tour dates:

  • Sunday 28 October: EXETER (UK), The Cavern w/ Human Cull
  • Monday 29 October: BIRMINGHAM (UK), Wagon and Horses w/ Bushisms, Squalor Fan
  • Tuesday 30 October: LONDON (UK), The Dev w/ Noisepicker, Youff
  • Wednesday 31 October: IPSWICH (UK), The Smokehouse w/ RAD PITT, Massakree

Check them out here: