10cc @ Symphony Hall, Birmingham – Tuesday 5th April 2022


Still going strong half a century since they started out, Graham Gouldman remains the sole remaining founder member of the original 10cc but the current line-up does include guitarist Rick Fenn and drummer Paul Burgess, who have both been part of the touring incarnation since the 70’s. And additional band members Keith Hayman and Iain Hornal display the versatility that enables the sound of the original quartet to be perfectly replicated.


They may be long since departed but Lol Creme, Kevin Godley and Eric Stewart were often mentioned in anecdotes from the stage as Gouldman recollected the recording, writing and inspiration for many of their hits. Godley does contribute to the show however, appearing in video footage on the rear screen to lend his voice to ‘Somewhere in Hollywood’ and providing new visuals for ‘I’m Not In Love’, a song still guaranteed to melt the coldest of hearts.

Too inventive and sophisticated to be considered pop and with far too many hit singles to be deemed prog, 10cc found themselves tagged as “art rockers” during their chart topping heyday. Whatever the label they provided some of the soundtrack moments of the 70’s. Musically and vocally they still hit the heights with luscious four part harmony vocals, exquisite guitar solos and smooth changes of tempo being par for the course. Hornal is able to reproduce the falsetto of both Stewart and Creme, ensuring faithful renditions of ‘The Things We Do for Love’, ‘Art for Art’s Sake’ (that featured a superb opening salvo from Fenn) and ‘Good Morning Judge’. Mini suites ‘I’m Mandy Fly Me’ and ‘Feel the Benefit’ were delivered with a tight knit precision and the knockabout reggae of ‘Dreadlock Holiday’ stirred the crowd to their feet.


The encore saw 50’s doo wop pastiche ‘Donna’ delivered barber shop quartet style with stunning clarity before they departed in a flurry of ‘Rubber Bullets’. A band that still commands much love and respect for their legacy, the wit and wisdom of 10cc remains in safe hands.


The Second Sitting for the Last Supper
Art for Art’s Sake
Life Is a Minestrone
Good Morning Judge
The Dean and I
Old Wild Men
Clockwork Creep
Feel the Benefit
The Wall Street Shuffle
Standing Next to Me
The Things We Do for Love
Say the Word
Silly Love
Somewhere in Hollywood
Baron Samedi
I’m Mandy Fly Me
I’m Not in Love
Dreadlock Holiday


Rubber Bullets