Yayla – Nihaihayat


Review by Jason Guest


Why? Just why? The atmospheric and ambient bookends of ‘Integumental Grasp’ and ‘In Senility’ are both evidence that Yayla has at his hands some pretty decent recording equipment. Why, then, do the three very-long-tracks-indeed between them sound like they were recorded up a cow’s arse? Okay, there must be a gem or two concealed within this 41 minute fart triptych so with gasmasks on, let us brave the odious cavern before us…

Combining savage blast beats and riffs with slower-but-no-less-murkier passages, ‘Through The Sigil Of Hate’ probably has something interesting going on in its dense layers but if there is, it’s lost in the track’s thick air. Repetitive blast beats, everlasting trem-picked riffs, and dumb drumming, I would wager that the mood that this was supposed to invoke is a far cry from what it actually does. Apathy would be a blessing but no, we’re lumbered with exasperation. Let’s try ‘Immortalizing The Nine’ shall we? And ‘Disguises of Evil’ too, while we’re at it? Nope, it’s just more of the same: brown lumps of black metal clichés stitched together like Frankenstein’s monster generously gift-wrapped in white noise. Why take the time to write such long tracks and then wrap ’em up in such a crap sound so that nobody can make out what’s going on?

‘Integumental Grasp’ and ‘In Senility’ should have been released separately because they are far superior. This is two different bands, one much more adept than the other. Watch the videos and you’ll see what I mean. As the work of a multi-instrumentalist /composer/ filmmaker, you’d have thought that Nihaihayat would be much better. S’pose I’ll be one of those that “doesn’t get it”…

4 out of 10

Track listing:

  1. Yayla - NihaihayatIntegumental Grasp
  2. Through The Sigil Of Hate
  3. Immortalizing The Nine
  4. Disguises Of Evil
  5. In Senility



  1. Love this review Jason, I almost feel like I need to get it just to hear how bad it is! I think I’ll stick with the YouTube videos, though…

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