Yashin + We Butter The Bread With Butter + Shadows Chasing Ghosts + Azriel @ Rescue Rooms, Nottingham – 13 November 2012


Review by Robert Moody and Photos by Carla Mundy

It may have been a cold Tuesday night but that didn’t stop hundreds of people making their way down to the Rescue Rooms for a diverse lineup of bands, headlined by Glasgow Post-Hardcore outfit Yashin, who were touring in support of their recently released second album, We Created A Monster.

With the show kicking off just after 6pm, it was unsurprisingly only a small crowd in attendance to greet the opening band of the night, fellow Glaswegians Azriel. It was nonetheless a lively performance from the metalcore group, full of the trademark breakdowns and riffs that define the genre. The band are attempting to re-establish themselves after a lengthy break from touring – they are after all largely the same band that supported A Day To Remember on a largely sold out UK Tour 3 years ago – and whilst the audience tonight was somewhat muted, the performance was enjoyable and you would expect Azriel to be playing to bigger audiences again soon.

After a short break the focus shifted to Shadows Chasing Ghosts, who ran through a half hour set mixing material from their latest release Lessons with older material as well. Whilst there was plenty of energy throughout the set, it was unfortunately overshadowed by technical issues which left vocalist Trey Tremain barely audible for two-thirds of the set. Once a replacement microphone was provided, the last couple of songs showcased the band’s full sound and the crowd responded accordingly, but as a result the ‘real’ set only lasted a few minutes, and as such it would not be fair to really evaluate the band on tonight’s evidence.

Next up were the band that could only be described as the ‘wildcard’ of the evening. We Butter The Bread With Butter from Germany began in 2007 as something of a comedy project between Marci Neumann, who covered all Guitar parts, and Tobi Schultka, who provided Vocals, Drums and Keyboards. Fast forward a few years after several major support slots and although Tobi has now left the project, the band is now a fully-fledged Quintet, combining the traditional breakdowns and vocals found in Deathcore bands with a healthy dose of keyboard driven melodies and dance interludes. With a live performance featuring a lively light show and confetti cannons , it had the potential to be received very well, or very badly, but tonight the response was definitely positive, with the majority of the crowd joining in with the entertainment. The light hearted nature of the band was reinforced by the fact that the set contained songs named ‘Breekachu’ and ‘World Of Warcraft’ – quite simply, We Butter The Bread With Butter are not a band to be taken too seriously, but they are a lot of fun, and left the stage to a tremendous reaction.

The Rescue Rooms had steadily filled up throughout the evening, and was fairly close to full by the time Yashin, a band quickly gaining popularity in the busy Post-Hardcore scene, took to the stage. The band ran through a set lasting close to an hour, showcasing a mixture of songs from both of their albums. Despite having their roots firmly in Scotland, Yashin bring an international flavour to their performance in the shape of vocalist Harry Radford, who joined the band all the way from Florida, and as a result the music has more than a hint of the American Post-Hardcore style about it, which mixed with the aggressive vocals of Kevin Miles creates quite a unique sound. The band clearly inspire tremendous loyalty with their fans, as a large portion of the crowd was singing along to every word of every song. Songs such as ‘Make It Out Alive’ and ‘New Year Or New York’ in particular drew massive responses from the audience, and the band clearly enjoyed the experience of playing to such a responsive crowd. An entertaining cover of Linkin Park’s ‘One Step Closer’ during the encore capped off an impressive performance, and on tonight’s evidence, Yashin appear to be one of the bands poised for the breakthrough that so many bands long for – it would not be a surprise to see them playing on much bigger tours next year.

Setlist: Runaway Train, Let It Go, Get Loose, Last One Standing, <4, Angel’s Son, Make It Out Alive, Friends In High Places, New Year Or New York, Down But Homeward Bound, One Step Closer, Stand Up

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