With Silent Eyes – Destroyer Of Worlds


Review by Matt Bradley

In the rolling hills of Derbyshire you’re more likely to come across a cow answering the call of nature than a fist-fight but from the small town of Alfreton, something violent is definitely brewing. That something is WITH SILENT EYES. With their brand new EP ‘Destroyer Of Worlds’, the aggressive metalcore quintet deliver three tracks of uncompromising brutality, all of which have but intention: to cause total mosh pit demolition.

‘A Word Of Warning’ kicks straight in with machine gun-like chugging bound to send hardcore kids into a limb-swinging frenzy before a scintilating lead from Matt Johnson massages the ears and nudges the track towards more traditional riffage which will please most metalheads’ ears. ‘Nothing Lasts Forever’ contains a slight hint of melody but the fury never ceases, especially with Dan Whitfield’s rapid kick drum near the song’s completion, contrasting the stomping riffs in ‘Eradicator’ from Sam Spering. Joe Lau’s roars are mainly raw and guttural but occasionally backed up by screams from bassist Ben White and one instance of gang vocals.

In terms of production (duties handled by Demoraliser guitarist Nathan Smith), DOW is a crisp sounding EP with impact, heaviness and clarity, although sometimes the noise gate on the guitar seems a little short and the drum triggers slightly overpowering, which during faster sections sounds akin to a pre-programmed beat. The guitar tone is thick and hard enough to withstand the impact of a car, which compliments the mood of the disc, but sometimes it feels like reverting to the open-stringed chugging is the easy way out when a quality riff could’ve taken its place.

This is a great little three-track for anybody that enjoys really hard-hitting music with plenty of gusto. Although it doesn’t really break any new ground,  it does get the heart racing and the head banging. Quality.

7 out of 10