Whitechapel – Our Endless War


Review by Dan Perks

Metal Blade

Release Date: 29 April 2014

It says something about an album when its pissing down with rain, you’re sat in traffic and still grinning like a Cheshire cat. That’s exactly the feeling I got from Our Endless War by American death metal bruisers Whitechapel, the fifth full length album and – after four hours of blasting it to everyone on the M25 – easily their best. Our Endless War continues on the band’s subtle refinement of their own distinct sound. The deathcore structures are slowly fading in place of more technical death metal arrangements, the breakdown feel more natural than expected as in most deathcore material, and the use of more heavy grooves than the blast beat bonanza of early deathcore. This transition started on the bands 2012 self-titled release and finds itself honed, polished and perfected on Our Endless War.

Right from the outset, the album is so heavy it could pull the earth from its orbit around the sun. The albums intro ‘Rise’ is a rousing build-up of guitars and military marching drums. It perfectly leads into the anti-government anthem that is the title track, a crushing powerful statement calling for revolution and shows the anger felt towards the United States current state. Following that is ‘The Saw Is The Law’, a huge groove-laden monster of a tune that inspires a Wayne’s World ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ moment when behind the wheel.

The album builds through ‘Mono’ and ‘Let Me Burn’ before exploding into ‘Worship The Digital Age’. This track marks a midway point in the album where some of Whitechapel’s more original sounds shines through. The track opens with one of the most insane guttural lows before erupting with blast beats and galloping kick drums. The second half of the album is a lot more frantic and up tempo. Throughout tracks like ‘Psychopathy’ and ‘Blacked Out’, vocalist Phil Bozeman showcases the lyrics and vocals that make him one of the best in the business today.

Fans looking to pick the album up on 29 April should all consider the version that includes two mental bonus tracks, ‘A Process So Familiar’ and ‘Fall Of The Hypocrites’, both massive songs that really capitalise on the confidence within the band.

After listening to it on repeat for the best part of 24 hours now I can honestly say it’s still making me smile like an absolute moron. I’m trying to find something to criticize about it because nothing is perfect and at the moment the only negative thing I’ve got is the 3 points coming on my licence (Sorry Officer) for getting a bit carried away and heavy-footed while lost in Our Endless War.

Whitechapel – Our Endless War9 out of 10

Track listing:

  1. Rise
  2. Our Endless War
  3. The Saw Is The Law
  4. Mono
  5. Let Me Burn
  6. Worship The Digital Age
  7. How Times Have Changed
  8. Psychopathy
  9. Blacked Out
  10. Diggs Road
  11. A Process So Familiar (Bonus Track)
  12. Fall Of The Hypocrites (Bonus Track)