White Widows – White Widows EP


Review by Will Harris


Sacrament Music

Intros can be so telling: it’s the unflinching immediacy of the first chord of White Widows’ self-titled debut EP that warns you you’re about to get a boot to the face. As the subsequent trashy mid-tempo sludge of ‘Ace Rothstein’ blasts in with its roaring vocal, it’s clear the Brooklyn group aren’t about to take any prisoners, and they compound that notion by unleashing some pummelling thrash the moment the first riff settles.

In their first release, White Widows combine the sludge and groove of bands like Eyehategod and Down with D-beat and contemporary hardcore to produce a six-track, 24-minute skirmish that boasts muscle, fury and infectiousness in equal measure. It probably matches Lamb of God’s Sacrament in aggressiveness (or, otherwise, betters it), but WW choose to jack in any winding, showy riffs for raw power. ‘Slow Burn’ keeps the head nodding steadily towards a bluesy sludge demise, while tracks like ‘El Marano’, ‘New Pollution Group’ and closer ‘Collateral Damage’ only slow down their ferocious onslaughts for the sake of making each punch harder. In the latter, vocalist David Castillo’s closing hook — ‘They are the wretched ones / and I’ve got nothing for them’ (punctuated with a fearsome scream of ‘motherfuckers’) — has all the anthemic, catchy defiance of a band destined to do well; an apt finale to a stunningly visceral debut.

White Widows EP9 out of 10

Track listing:

  1. Ace Rothstein
  2. El Marano
  3. Slow Burn
  4. New Pollution Group
  5. Sin Taxes
  6. Collateral Damage