When Prophecy Fails – Everything Ever, At Once EP


Review by Tony Gaskin

Self released

Everything Ever, At Once is the new four track EP from When Prophecy Fails, their third release and a significant improvement from the previous two efforts.

There are many influences that seem to be woven into this cleverly crafted EP, but think of the heavy distortions and off-key layers of Deftones combined with the esoteric soaring harmonies more akin to Tool and you get the picture.

Although only four tracks, they amount to over 23 minutes, giving you plenty of time to immerse yourself in their world. Lie back, put the headphones on and take a trip.

‘Rite’ starts the journey, almost immediately you find yourself lulled into a dream-scape ofn intricate guitar layers and haunting vocals, before getting a swift kick in the un-metionables with crushing riffs and belligerent drums. The tension continues to build throughout the next two tracks, promising ecstatic highs before delivering crushing blows. Guitars layers are intricately built up to provide an hypnotic distraction, whilst the metronomic rhythms provided by the drum and bass sections provide that aggressive tension, and just when you think you’ve finally reached the zenith, closing track ‘Letters From A Mute’ provides one last sucker punch as it lulls you into an almost somnambulistic state, before gradually once more building the tempo and power as it reaches that final destination.

When Prophecy Fails

When Prophecy Fails have crafted an EP that does what a Prog Metal opus should do; it takes you on a journey of ups and downs, ducking and diving through a musical landscape that is both familiar yet tantalisingly just out of reach.

8 out of 10

Track listing:

  1. Rite
  2. Stairway Wit
  3. Everything Ever, At Once
  4. Letters From A Mute