Wednesday 13 – The Dixie Dead


Review by Jack Arkell

3Wise Records

The Dixie Dead is the fifth release of Wednesday 13’s solo career. The fact remains though that many still know the shock-rocker best from his time with Murderdolls. Whether this is because of the cult-like fan base of Murderdolls or a reflection of the quality of the solo records is up for debate, but this album will certainly help to cement his own reputation. The man himself claims that this may well be the best record he has written to date, and the evidence suggests that he may not be too wide of the mark.

Following a short intro in the form of ‘Death Arise’, the real action begins with ‘Blood Sucker’, an album opener by numbers that walks the line between heavy and downright catchy. Also hook-laden are following tracks ‘Get Your Grave On’ and ‘Curse the Living’. It won’t take too many listens for these songs to become lodged in your brain, a trend that continues later on.

‘Coming Attractions’ serves as an interlude to break the album into two halves in a typically theatrical way, before the title track gets the engine running once again. ‘Ghost Stories’ is one of the highlights of the collection, the dark atmosphere even more prevalent than elsewhere on the record. ‘Fuck You (In Memory Of…)’ immediately follows, and couldn’t be more different, but the humour is testament to the diversity of the music on offer.

The overall feel of the album is that of a return to form. It is also clear that the record hasn’t been made simply as a vehicle for Wednesday 13 to continue touring, but because the majority of the material is worthy of release in its own right.

While it may fall short of matching 2005’s career highlight Transylvania 90210, ‘The Dixie Dead’ is a strong album and a great advertisement for the horror metal scene. Older music fans may still point out that Alice Cooper was doing this decades ago, but Wednesday 13 is placing a heavier sound to these foundations, carrying on Cooper’s legacy somewhat with high quality music that isn’t difficult to appreciate.

Wednesday 13 - The Dixie Dead7 out of 10


  1. Death Arise (Intro)
  2. Blood Sucker
  3. Get Your Grave On
  4. Curse The Living
  5. Too Fast For Blood
  6. Hail Ming
  7. Coming Attractions
  8. The Dixie Dead
  9. Ghost Stories
  10. Fuck You (In Memory Of…)
  11. Carol Anne…They’re Here
  12. Hands Of The Ripper
  13. Death Arise (Overture)