WEAK13 – They Live


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Review by Martin Stanyer

WEAK13 a band that have been on the Midlands music scene for a while, you may have heard of them seen them, these guys will have had some impact on YOUR band. Kicking off the album They Live is ‘My last summer with you’. Nick J Townsend the lead vocalist and guitarist brings in the album with a punch, ‘Everybody’ bellows Nick before drums and bass join and compliment what is a great opener, something that perhaps would be a grunge classic and would have easily rivalled Nirvana. Production on the vocals is spot on – kudos John Stewart.

‘Joke’ – you may have seen the video, you may have been in it, but the real standout is the tune, catchy full of hooks, excellent shuffle drumming, and a solid bass line help to make this rocker a mosh pit anthem. This is where Nicks voice gets chance to really shine and showcases his ability to be a great singer, as a band, great songwriters the breakdown in this song is genius to say the least.

‘Ashes in Autumne’ will always be a favourite for me timeless is a word I’d use to describe its beauty, there’s some emotion and feeling to this that I don’t think often gets picked up amongst the rockers. By no means is this song slow but it has something, a passion that we can relate to on a human level, the backing vocals are especially great. Again some wonderful drumming and bass help to elevate this song to its full potential.

‘Go Away’ is a good rocker, but ‘Cameras are everywhere’ is where bassist Wes shines and gets a well-deserved moment in the sun, again brilliant production, very industrial tinged but pleasant on the ears, this is what WEAK13 sound like cool, badass rock with a thirst for danger and destruction.

‘The Happiest Undertaker’ a dead good name for a song, just as well it’s as good as the name. For a three piece these guys know how to paint a song, placing all the colours to compliment the main picture. There are some great moments on ‘THEY LIVE’ but what makes this album standout is it’s consistency. Closing track ‘Obey the slave’ does not hold back and is a perfect ender. Do yourselves a favour buy the album sit back and enjoy a slab of true rock n roll by one of the greatest bands from the midlands. Lyrically this album is fitting with the times a perfect concept by three talented musicians.



  1. My last summer with youDown on meweak
  2. Joke
  3. Sex Pest
  4. Ashes in Autumne
  5. Closure
  6. Cameras are everywhere
  7. Here come the drones
  8. Happiest Undertaker
  9. Loyal Coward
  10. Obey the Slave