We Die As One – Warlord UK


Review by Tony Gaskin

Flying V Records

Being veterans of the underground metal scene is no guarantee that people will embrace any deviation from the true metal path, so it’s a brave person who decides to be adventurous and go out on a limb by doing some unexpected things. An unsettled line-up and lack of live shows doesn’t help the cause, but Mark White has taken the proverbial bull by the horns and this latest album might just raise a few eyebrows, clean vocals, spoken word, keyboards and a progressive slant are all new elements that will surprise the die-hard fans.

Intro track ‘When Worlds Collide’ gives us a hint of what is coming, but it’s a false dawn as track one is pure, un-adulterated Warlord, straight up death/thrash cross over, as is most of the rest of the album on first inspection. But stop head banging for a second and listen. The keyboard sections are subtle but add an extra dimension, Mark, with his Brummie brogue, even talks in places, whilst throughout the whole album the drumming is a class above any previous offerings. This is down to the enlistment of prog metal drummer Kev Bartlett (Eumeria, Anubis), one of the best session drummers on the underground scene. Mark’s signature bass riffs are still evident, but the eclectic background of engineer Pete Williamson (Anubis), has softened the blows somewhat and allowed the guitars to have more freedom.

Don’t get me wrong, this album is still heavy, it’s still brutal and if you want to label it then yes it’s still Death Metal, but the bands willingness to embrace outside influences and to broaden their horizons means this is a huge step for the band and will be a huge step for their fans, but one that I implore them to take, Warlord-UK have crossed their Rubicon, so it’s time for the fans to step up and follow.

Warlord UK 20138 out of 10

Track listing:

  1. When Worlds Collide
  2. Human Inner Core
  3. Masses Gather In Masses
  4. Insurgents Breed
  5. Strength Defeats Decay
  6. Last Of Our Legacy
  7. Age Of Extreme
  8. Knights of the Godless
  9. We Die As One
  10. Remember Them



  1. Great review Tony. I,for one,love the direction that Mark has taken with this new album. It is still heavy as a really heavy thing,(sorry Devin!),but has a subtlety I haven’t heard on their earlier stuff. I would personally give it a 9/10 M

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