Vorum – Poisoned Void


Review by Jason Guest

Dark Descent Records

Formed in 2006, Finnish death metal horde Vorum’s taste for all things old school is delivered with a raw and primal energy cloaked in black distortion and dense production. The result is an amorphous mass of vitriol compressed into eight vicious and remorseless tracks in 34 minutes. Utterly impenetrable, the miasmic atmosphere of this album is noxious. Filthy and furious, Vorum drag the tempos down to let the doom flow before rapidly shifting into the high gears for a bombardment of trem-picked riffs and a steady barrage of drums and evil grunts, growls and roars. With an admirable quota of death metal artillery at their behest, across Poisoned Void, Vorum utilise every trick in the book to make their mark. Riffs are blasted out for a few bars before the drums come in, elaborate and intricate drum fills signal transitions from one part to another, drudgery is juxtaposed with venom, and Vorum sit back in the groove and let the bile rise. ‘Evil Seed’, the highpoint of the album, is ruthless, Johansson’s bark as vicious as the band’s bite, the track focussed and devastating in its sheer force.

The band balance intensity with integrity by keeping all-bar-one of the tracks (the title track) under five minutes long. The guitar tone is both solid and cutting, the drums dense and deep, and the distorted bass snarls along and sharpens up the menace in the low end. Beneath this repellent surface however, there are a few cracks. But while the song-writing needs attention here and there and some of the leads feel superfluous, because Vorum know what to do with a riff and what works where, Poisoned Void is darkly satisfying. It may not be ground-breaking but the band’s unerring conviction and the album’s execution make this an album not just for die-hards but for anyone looking for a death metal album that reeks of uncompromising destruction.

Vorum - Poisoned Void7 out of 10

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Track listing:

  1. Impetious Fires
  2. Death’s Strain
  3. Rabid Blood
  4. Thriving Darkness
  5. Evil Seed
  6. In Obscurity Revealed
  7. Dance Of Heresy
  8. Poisoned Void