Voodoo Six – Songs To Invade Countries To


Review by Julian Handley

Spinefarm Records

British rockers Voodoo Six are back with a bang, and 2013 sees the end of a three year wait since the excellent Fluke album was released; so to the verdict and whether or not the follow up can propel the band to greater heights. The band are so highly regarded that they have the Steve Harris seal of approval, so much so that they have bagged the prestigious support slot on Iron Maidens Maiden England European tour.

Songs to Invade Countries To kicks off with the rollicking ‘Falling Knives’, graced with darting guitar licks and hurtling bass lines making it an instantly catchy number. The trend continues with Chris Jones electing to keep the guitar riffs simple yet extremely effective in a less-is-more style. Just good old traditional hard rock played with passion, reminiscent of UFO in their heyday.

The vocals are gritty yet clean, delivered mostly in a mid range which suits the direction of the band to perfection. There is nothing particularly unique about Voodoo Six, but they do possess a depth of quality to their material and are for that matter easy to listen to. They are progressing nicely from being the rough diamond that first emerged on the scene, to rapidly becoming the polished gem.

Tony Newton is credited with producing the album, and has done a sterling job, with the album having a nod towards the classic late seventies/early eighties era of solid British rock, whilst giving it just enough of a contemporary tweaking so as not to make it sound dated. Of the eleven tracks on the album, ‘Lead me on’, ‘Sink or Swim’ and the ballsy ‘Your Way’, are my personal highlights.

Voodoo Six – Songs To Invade Countries To7.5 out of 10

Track listing:

  1. Falling Knives
  2. All That Glitters
  3. Lead On Me
  4. Sink Or Swim
  5. You Don’t Know
  6. Your Way
  7. Sharp Sand
  8. Stop
  9. Brick Wall
  10. Waiting In Line
  11. Higher Ground