Voodoo Six + Resin + Piston @ O2 Academy 3, Birmingham – Sunday 31st March 2013


Midlands Rocks is nothing if not a team effort and what better way to demonstrate this than by having 2 reviewers at the same gig? Well, ok, not really planned but photographer Tony Gaskin covers for a late running Peter Keevil and gives his take on the undercard, while a skidding Peter K rallies in time for headliners, Voodoo Six.

Reviews by Peter Keevil & Tony Gaskin. Pics by Tony Gaskin.

PistonFirst up was a band whose name I’ve seen popping up all over the place recently, Piston. Eager to see what all the fuss was about I got there in plenty of time, and they didn’t disappoint. Sleazy riffs with a funky attitude, think Faith No More does Skid Row. Front man Steve Nunn, displays a great vocal range and brings a bit of suave sophistication to the band. Loved the song “Dark Angel”, definitely a band to keep on eye on this year.

Next was a band I saw not too long ago – Resin. I’ve been listening to their album recently and really liking the laid back grooves and they put on a great gig a few weeks back, but tonight seemed a little subdued, and they were a little off their game. Almost as if they were just jamming and going through the motions or a lot of gigs recently making them jaded? I don’t know, but they are an excellent band from what I’ve seen before and the album is definitely worth grabbing hold of if you like the more soulful grunge style of the likes of Pearl Jam. They did redeem themselves a little with the track “Poison”, a haunting song and one of the picks from their album “Embrace The Fall”. No doubt they will respond with a blinder of a gig next time I see them!

Listen to my interview with Matt & Joe and you’ll know that Voodoo Six are just here to get a little dirt under their nails before they head out on the biggest tour of their lives in support of Iron Maiden this June. They DO have a new album about to hit the shelves (are albums sold from shelves nowadays – probably not) but the release of that has been put back to coincide with that  tour also, so all we have to go on is their latest video release (Sink or Swim) and the expectation that we would be hearing a good number of previously unheard songs.

Voodoo SixVoodoo Six do what Voodoo Six do. It’s not sophisticated, it’s not clever, but it is BIG. Big catchy in ya mush riffs that sink into your chest like A Man Called Horse; lift you up, spin you around for 4 or so minutes and dump you back to earth, bleeding and needing a squaw to sooth your fettered brow.

Its good solid, Great British Hard Rock. Vocalist, Luke Purdie is looking leaner but still a puffing, clapping metronome driving from the front. He’s an affable chap who can carry a tune with his more than capable beer-marinated sandpaper larynx. Bassist, Tony Newton, planted his left foot on the monitor and mouthed every word, while his two guitar-slinging sidekicks churned out those monster riffs that got the crowd shuffling and nodding in unison.

They rattled through 15 songs as they aimed to find that all important mix that will win over new territories on the Maiden tour, as well as the numerous Festival appearances. Old favourites (Others, Take Aim, A Little Something For You …) sat alongside tracks from their new album – Songs To Invade Countries To (Stop, Sharp Sand, Your Way …) – more than enough to whet the appetite and suggest that this second album with Luke Purdie and Joe Lazarus (drums) will see the V6 machine finally gain traction and elevate them into the Championship, vying for the play offs.

Catch them live at Download Festival.

Others / No friend of mine / Fallin knives / Take aim / Take the blame / Don’t lead me on / Sink or swim / Stop / A little something for you / Sharp sand / You don’t know / Your way / All that glitters / Waitin in line / Long way from home /
Live again
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