Vista Chino – Peace


Review by Raymond Westland

Napalm Records

When you’re looking for a full-blown Kyuss reunion, Vista Chino may be the next best thing. Featuring Kyuss alumni John Garcia (vocals), Brant Bjork (drums) and Nick Oliveri (bass) the band is rounded out by guitarist Bruno Fevery. Let’s see what Peace, their debut album, has in store for us.

Whereas Josh Homme managed to translate the old Kyuss sound into a more commercially viable way with Queens Of The Stone Age, Garcia and Co pretty much revisit the old ‘Welcome To Sky Valley’ and ‘Blues For The Red Sun’’ days on their latest musical venture. Many of the tracks on ‘Peace’ are groove-based and have this distinct jam-feel to them, most notably on ‘Dargona Dragona’, ‘Sweet Remains’ and ‘Acidize – The Gambling Mouse’. This combined with the lovely fuzzed-out guitar sound and the raw in-your-face drum sound give this album more charm and magic than Josh Homme could ever conjure up with his Queens Of The Stone Age. This is desert/stoner rock as it should be.

With Peace John Garcia, Brant Bjork and Nick Oliveri prove they still have enough chemistry going on to give any stoner rock band out there a run for their money. It would be a nice gesture from Josh Homme and Scott Reeder if they allow Garcia and Co to use the Kyuss name and brand, because for all intents and purposes Peace is genuine Kyuss record in all but name.

Vista Chino – Peace8.5 out of 10

Track Listing:

  1. Good Morning Wasteland
  2. Dargona Dragona
  3. Sweet Remain
  4. As You Wish
  5. Planets 1&2
  6. Adara
  7. Mas Vino
  8. Dark And Lovely
  9. Barcelonian
  10. Acidize – The Gambling Mouse