Vicious Nature @ Route 44, Acocks Green, Birmingham – Friday 4th April 2014


Review by Rob Billingham, photos by Lisa Billingham

Vicious Nature have rocked the Route 44 stage several times over the past few years, with my first encounter with them being in early 2012. With such a rich pedigree behind each member, Vicious Nature have become highly respected merchants of metal.

Vicious Nature
Vicious Nature

At Route 44 tonight, we heard new songs taken from their just released EP Salvation, which has already featured in Johnny Doom’s Planet Rock Show “Metal At Midnight” on consecutive Fridays.

Availing themselves of 44’s superb PA system and excellent lights, they gave us a show brimming to almost overflowing with pure metal, as opening number ‘Revolution’ perfectly demonstrated. ‘Bleeding All The Way’ is a stand out track for me. From the three-song EP Fight For Your Life, this one is what Vicious Nature is all about. Relentless, pounding bass line, stonkingly good stick work, crisp guitar riffs and powerful passionate vocals. They’re all on show here !

Vicious Nature
Vicious Nature

‘Salvation’, ‘Dragging Us Under’ and ‘Breathless’, all from the new EP showed that Vicious Nature are ever evolving as a metal outfit. I had only heard ‘Salvation’ previously on Planet Rock and was struck by a new rawness and edge that seemed to be present. Played live, this perception was confirmed and I think this new feel has permeated into the older songs which sound all the better for it. ‘Dreamstealer’ as a live track is head-banging metal heaven with Jon “JB” Brown driving this track with his precision drumming.  Set closer ‘Fight For Your Life’ has Andy Pyke taking the challenge to the crowd, with his growling, somewhat angry at times, metal vocals attempting to consume all in their path.

The band were showcasing this latest EP release tonight, and played the songs with the energy and drive that has become the Vicious Nature trademark. For me the measure of a song is how well it comes across when played live. The chemistry between these four excellent musicians is obvious and they gave us truly dark, heavy metal. The lads can be confident that it was a “job done”.

Vicious Nature
Vicious Nature

If you like your metal to hit you in the places other music can’t reach, then catch Vicious Nature live – these guys will be kicking ass for a long time to come. I’ve got my copy, have you got yours?

Be sure to also catch the review of the EP Salvation by Midlands Rocks’ Dave Evans coming very soon.

Set list:
1. Revolution
2. Killing Me
3. Salvation
4. Bleeding All The way
5. Dragging Us Under
6. Breathless
7. Dreamstealer
8. Fight For Your Life

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