Venefixion – Armorican Deathrites


Malevolent, pestilent and unapologetically savage…

Released by Iron Bonehead Productions (Website; Facebook) on 9 December 2016 while it beats Jason Guest to bits…

A 50-second organ intro gives France’s Venefixion just enough time to warm up the chainsaws, polish up the hammers, and put on the boiler suits, the gloves and the masks before unleashing death metal depravity in three tracks that are rapid, rabid and repulsive. Arriving but a year after their limited cassette-only demo, this EP is fierce. Unrelentingly so. Malevolent and pestilent, the tracks burn with intensity, rot with an eternal stench, and hack away at the senses with an almighty ruthlessness. Savage thrash-meets-death-meets-speed-metal riffs, savage throat-tearing vocals, savage drumming and maniacal lead work, Venefixion may draw on the past but their brutality is more than mere imitation. This bleeds authenticity.

8 out of 10

Track list:

  1. Intro – Ar Vif (Le Grimoire Des Mes Morts)
  2. An Ankou
  3. Armorican Deathrites
  4. Naia (The Black One)