Vasey – Be Someone Else


Review By Woody

Be Someone Else is the independent debut from Nottinghamshire alt rockers Vasey. After listening to the album all the way through once I was  incredulous that this band is still unsigned and unknown. I tell you now, given their style of highly melodic and emotive modern rock, they’d be huge in the USA. If bands like The Calling, Lifehouse, Matchbox 20, Goo Goo Dolls and even a bit of Live rock your world you will enjoy Vasey immensely.

Their sound is very angst-driven and melancholic but not in a depressing and dark tone; they have a really evocative bittersweet beautiful style that stirs me greatly. A lot of the angst comes from the lyrics and the vocalist Karl Vasey’s vocal style, very emotional, passionate and driven. Many of the songs are heartbreakingly beautiful at times and I found myself frequently drifting into the songs and letting them encapsulate me. I love the guitar style on this album this isn’t big juicy power chords, it is all very evocative and beautifully intricate and for me that’s one of the big appeals of this wonderfully atmospheric collection of songs.

Most of the songs here are well constructed with the vocal melodies and guitar melodies all blended perfectly to give maximum impact. I’m not sure how long these tracks have been worked on but they feel like a lot of time has been spent on them so that they all drive home their emotion and beauty to the listener with ease. These songs aren’t quick fixes and party tunes, this is music to be slowly savoured and relished whilst been totally immersed in its wonderfully beautiful atmosphere.

One of my favourite tracks is ‘Lonely Boy’ and whilst not one of the obvious single choices on Be Someone Else I related and lost myself completely in it, a stunningly powerful and emotive song. Tracks like ‘Fiction’ and ‘Fade Out’ are far more obviously radio friendly and should given heavy rotation make stars out of these guys. Another track that resonated with me was the melancholic beauty of ‘The Other Side’ which is stunningly evocative with a powerful pre-chorus and chorus.

It would be a real shame if these guys never got the break they truly deserve based on this their debut album, maybe a high profile support slot with someone like Del Amitri or Train could expose them not only to the right audience but also elevate them to the masses in general. Be Someone Else is a solid Independent release and well worth giving your time too.

Vasey 20137 out of 10

Track Listing:

  1. Fade Out
  2. Secretly Worship You
  3. The Other Side
  4. Lonely Boy
  5. Fiction
  6. Memories Distorting
  7. Write A New End
  8. A Throne That’s Nowhere
  9. Almost Ready
  10. Wake Up Call
  11. Whenever April Runs