Turbowolf: The Covers EP Vol. 1


Review by Jack Arkell

Though there isn’t an official handbook on the matter, there are a few unwritten rules about cover versions. One is that the band should add enough of their own spin on the original to make it worth bothering. Another is that track choice is of great importance. After all, how many Metallica covers do we need in our lives?

With this four track EP, Turbowolf obey both rules and are on course to writing what is essentially a fun collection of songs and a break from the normality of, you know, writing your own material.

Swedish garage-rock act The Hives are the first to be given a once over by Turbowolf, the urgency of ‘See Through Head’ increased tenfold. From the outset, it is clear that although they may be tampering with music that isn’t their own, their trademark sludge filled sound is out in force.

A cover of MGMT’s ‘Electric Feel’ sounds like the original record played at the wrongRPMspeed, trudging along as it inverts amost every aspect of the electro-pop track, creating something as perverse as it is marvellous.

The refrain of ‘health is all the wealth I need’ during the cover of Lightning Bolt’s ‘Captain Caveman’ is the spine of another real gem, and by the time ‘Somebody to Love’ wraps up the EP, proving to be a great song choice in the process, you go back to reading the title of the collection – ‘Turbowolf: Covers EP Vol 1.’ They have more in store for us, which can only be a good thing. After dabbling in the back catalogue of the likes of MGMT and The Great Society, one can only warn the Baha Men and Adam Ant that they may be next.

8 out of 10



1. See Through Head (The Hives cover)
2. Electric Feel (MGMT cover)
3. Captain Caveman (Lightning Bolt cover)
4. Somebody to Love (The Great Society cover)