Trucker Diablo – Songs Of Iron


Review by Tosh Davies

Ireland, The Emerald Isle, responsible for possibly the greatest twin guitar band in the history of British Rock: Thin Lizzy. A band that has its blood running through the veins of many, with influences permeating deep into bands from that part of the world especially. Trucker Diablo is a Yorkie-infused breath of chocolaty fresh air. Want massive anthems? You got them. Big hooks? Got them too, all packaged in a massive fourteen-track behemoth of an album delivered via eighteen wheels of justice.

‘The Rebel’ and ‘Drive’ are lessons in how to produce catchy, immediately memorable tracks that’ll have you cruising with the windows down, wah wah guitar wailing in the air.  Tom Harte provides the beer swillin’ bar room vocals with Simon Haddock complementing him on backing vocals to provide additional layers, comparable to a hybrid of Andy Cairns of Therapy? and Ricky Warwick. Thundering along the highway like an unstoppable truck full of stolen potatoes being chased by a thousand hungry Irish men armed with forks, ‘Songs Of Iron’ is a belter. The lighters in the air of ‘Maybe You’re the One’ brings goose-bumps to your oil-smudged tattooed arms, while the finale ‘I Wanna party With You’ will have you bopping like a teenager. Enough guitar solos to have you jumping around the room in a Townsend stance and plenty of fist pumping choruses makes for a great overall album. With their legendary live performances, Trucker Diablo have ensured a long career lies ahead with plenty of road miles to put on the old truck. So for any promoters out there, Trucker Diablo, Monster Truck and Massive Wagons all on one tour…. I’m sure ‘The Convoy Of Rock Tour’ would go down well. Just a thought…

Trucker Diablo – Songs Of Iron7.5 out of 10

Track Listing:

  1. Red Light On
  2. Year Of The Truck
  3. The Rebel
  4. Drive
  5. Not So Superstar
  6. The Streets Run Red
  7. Lie To Me
  8. Maybe You’re The One
  9. Bulldozer
  10. Rock Hallelujah
  11. Highway Radio
  12. When’s It Gonna Rain?
  13. Shame On you
  14. I Wanna Party With You