Triaxis – Rage and Retribution


Review by Tosh Davies

Triaxis come from a fine stock of talent based in my homeland of South Wales which is kicking out bands with more regularity than Katie Price kicks out husbands. This follow up to 2009’s Key To The Kingdom album is a staunch lesson on what you can achieve with hard work, dedication and some tarmac time under your belt. Rage and Retribution is the sound of a band finding their niche and exploiting it like a Big Brother contestant. The twin guitar attack of C.J. and Glyn is fast and furious stuff with an encompassing 80’s Maiden-vibe ripping throughout. But what’s a good band without a good front person? Nothing, I hear you scream. Enter Metal’s Wonder Woman on vocals, Krissie Kirby, a veritable virtuoso fog horn. Put simply, this is the voice of a woman on a mission, a mission to level every city to the ground with her fantastic pipes.

‘Blood Red Skies’, ‘Sand & Silver’ and the final hurrah of ‘Some Things Are Worth Dying For’ are melodic metal masterpieces, soaring above its victim before striking the killer blow. The production is tighter than a pair of Baywatch speedo’s as is the thundering rhythm section of Giles and Owen. Proceedings flow well with a flurry of timely solos and enough distortion to send the ears buzzing for months, a real fist pumping, head banging triumph.

Triaxis have produced one hell of an album and worked hard to ensure the best quality material is sent out to their loyal followers. I believe this is just the tip of the Heavy Metal iceberg Triaxis are camped on, with more touring and a plethora of subjects to write about, their maturity will flourish in the coming years. Rage and Retribution is a good strong metal album worthy of your hard earned cash but believe me the best is yet to come from Triaxis. You have been warned!

Triaxis - Rage and Retribution7 out of 10

Track listing:

  1. Sand & Silver
  2. Black Trinity
  3. The Infected
  4. Asunder
  5. And Shadows Creep
  6. XGP
  7. Under Blood Red Skies
  8. Sker point
  9. Reunion
  10. The Butcher
  11. Some Things Are Worth Dying For



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