Tremonti Project + Heavens Basement + Logan @ Wulfrun Hall, Wolves – 14 February 2013


TremontiReview by Tosh Davies and photos by Sean Larkin

Instead of settling on a romantic candle lit dinner in a love soaked setting, I decided to treat my loved one (and Irish photographer buddy) to thousands of watts of Hard Rock Heaven this Valentines evening. We were soon to be bowled over and fall in love with an impressive display from all three bands.

My first shock of the evening was the addition of the hugely under-rated Logan, having not seen them since they supported Alter Bridge on the Blackbird tour I thought they had long disappeared. A multitude of record company issues saw them fade away, but thankfully they have returned with a re-vamped line up and man, do they put on a show. Kenny Collins has a stunning rock voice belting out their brand of Creed/Alter Bridge influenced rock to an enamored audience. That goose bump feeling trickles up the spine as the band hammer out their impressive but short set. New drummer Calum Blair – aged only 16 – is a worthy tub-thumper who kicks some serious ass. Logan is back! I thank the Gods of Rock that this Scottish export is here to stay.

What better way to follow that than the road hardened Heavens Basement? Hot off their own headline tour words fail me to how damn tight and immense this four piece have become. Aaron Buchanan is a Rock Star, plain and simple. They have the songs, the delivery and we should be proud this band is British, forging the way ahead for others. ‘Fire Fire’ and ‘Nothing Left To Lose’ complete with a guitar malfunction are performed to perfection, the swelling crowd joining in fist pumping joy. This is going to be a big year for Heavens Basement, their incendiary live performances and complementing album Filthy Empire is sure to elevate them to larger venues. (Ed: you can read Tosh’s review here)

Mark Tremonti requires no introduction; his credentials are there for all to see. His Project sees him flexing his Metal Muscles and taking control of the vocals with impressive results.  With the lighting frustrating photographers in the pit it’s the Metal majesty of those fat riffs that vibrate the venue and skulls of the massed fans. The wave of Alter Bridge t-shirts is testament to the increasing fan-base Mark Tremonti attracts; ‘Thing’s I’ve Seen’ is the AB track that never was and gives us some breathing space from the Metal barrage. With a band including Wolfgang Van Halen you know its going to be a tight ship, ‘Wish You Well’ stuns the crowd and sees Tremonti in frantic solo heaven. The air guitars are out and the lungs get some exercise, this crowd is fanatical, singing the songs back to a humbled frontman. Tremonti Project delivers exactly what I expected and more, the evening closing with the band meeting fans and posing for pictures. A true professional and inspiration to all bands out there.

  • And you can see more shots from the show below or by clicking here