Thy Art is Murder – Hate


Review by Dan Perks

Nuclear Blast

With an album title like Hate you know this isn’t going to be a melodic ballad filled collection of romantic ditties. Hailing from New South Wales in Australia, Thy Art is Murder achieved cult fame with their early EPs. The focus of these EPs was generally the brutal and misogynistic lyrics of former frontman Brendan Van Ryn. After a number of line-up changes and role swaps within the band, TAIM released their first full length album, The Adversary. This album sadly flew just under the radar here in the UK with only diehard fans picking up copies. Hate however has been a little bit more widely received. And rightly so. The opening track on the album, ‘Reign of Darkness’, is a solid statement of intent. The guitars trickle in building a level of suspense; vocalist CJ McMahon bursts violently into a deep gravelly verse that incites chaos; the drums sound like a barrage of machine gun fire; the down tuned guitars are crushing yet slightly groovy in parts; and the vocal hooks of “I am Hell” sound huge, the hatred and anger that flows out of every element is incredible.

Hate is the perfect album title for this record. It’s not too prolific, not pretentious; it simply states all you need to know. The whole album is packed full of venomous lyrics, targeting various social problems and grievances against the church. Vocalist CJ McMahon is probably one of the most technically sound deathcore vocalists out there, switching from gravelly guttural lows to raw throat bleeding highs, the intensity in his voice is profound. Packed with vocal hooks and almost anthemic yet brutal choruses it clear that the band have matured passed the almost black satire content of their first EPs.

On an instrumental level the album is also a leap forward in maturity. The drums for example are ridiculously heavy; the kick drums flitter through gallops and staggered patterns that feel like a bombardment of punches. The guitars have been kept simple, staccato rhythms and beat downs provide the riffs and power that is oozing through the album. Traces of lead cut through and completely change up the dynamic of songs like ‘Shadows Of Eternal Sin’ and ‘Immolation’.

My only real concern with Hate is that after having it on a playlist for some time, I’m starting to doubt the longevity of the album, the first ten listens or so it will consistently blow you away but it does wear thin soon after. It may be a case of put it down and come back in a few months to be blown away again, but only time will tell.

All in all it’s a fucking heavy album, it may not be a stone cold classic death metal album, but it will get you amped for a night out or blow off some steam after a crap day at the office.

Thy Art is Murder – Hate7 out of 10

Track listing:

  1. Reign of Darkness
  2. The purest Strain of Hate
  3. Vile Creations
  4. Shadows of Eternal Sin
  5. Immolation
  6. Infinite Forms
  7. Dead Sun
  8. Gates of Misery
  9. Defective Breed
  10. Doomed from Birth