This Burning Age – Supplication



Review by Tony Gaskin

Self Released

Supplication is the first of four digital EPs that This Burning Age plan to release over the coming months, culminating in a limited edition physical release of all four EPs and, knowing the band, I’m sure there will be exciting graphical extras thrown in as well. But for now we’ve got to make do with the digital versions and this first one is a real corker. Three carefully crafted tracks which could loosely be described as Industrial/Electro, but only insofar as there is heavy guitar/synth layers that have been clinically created in the studio, but are deceptively passionate when the volume is cranked up.

With health and member issues dogging the band, the writing of these EPs has been somewhat of a cathartic process, and the underlying mood does feel dark, but there’s always been a dark side to TBA. We will have to see as the series progresses if the emotional aspect of the tracks is more uplifting. The addition of well-known bass player Davey Bennett has stabilised the rhythm sections, with his huge experience paying dividends with more complex and upfront bass lines that are part of the overall sound rather than a background support. There is a definite shift to a heavier style on this release compared to the band’s debut album, again probably influenced by the trials and tribulations of the band, but it’s all part of the bands evolution and I’m excited to hear the next three instalments.

This Burning Age – Supplication

9 out of 10

Track listing:

  1. Disappeared
  2. Want
  3. You Will Is My Kill

The three tracks are available as a stream via the band’s Reverbnation page here and, as of 25th November, they have been available to download from Amazon.