Them Wolves – German For Duke EP


Review by Paul Broome

Distorted Tapes / It’s Just Noise

Trying to describe with human words the inhuman sound that Them Wolves create is akin to trying to sculpt The Last Supper using spaghetti hoops. It’s never going to work. But let me pretend otherwise and try to do my best by unshackling forthwith the cart of this review from the flea-bitten nags that are the conventions of music review writing, and let’s just see what meagre disconnected words bubble to the surface while I sit back and listen to the German For Duke EP for the forty-seventh time…

(Play).On the run; frantic panting; ‘The Wild Girl of Champagne’ sprints onto the stage; flailing, striking, hitting, biting; pushed around the pit like a ball bearing in a tumble dryer.Wrapped up tight in a scratchy slo-mo blanket of fuzz, for a focused middle-8 attack, before the final punch lays me out. Slapped around the face coming back to consciousness, ‘Folding a Napkin on Terminal Island’ led down riff alley; spitting from the shadows, bullets of bass pocketing the walls sending out brick dust, broken glass and a kick in the balls. ‘Let’s You and Him Fight’ in a staccato Thunderdome – rabbit-punched in the kidneys with drum and guitar, a voice whispers in my ear in a moment of tender silence before the assault begins afresh. Counted out cold but wrenched back to my feet because ‘You’re More Like a Young Mary Bell’ – and until you fucking accept that you can accept the cymbal clashes and the ribald feedback smashing around your stupid head. ‘Wolf Song’. Initiated now; beaten down, tested, pushed past breaking point, reanimated. Welcome to the pack. Here’s your reward, a barrage to light your new course. Follow the dog star. Ignore the path, you don’t follow paths anymore. Paths are for pussycats. “I’m a wolf! He’s a wolf! She’s a wolf! We’re all wolves!”

This isn’t just noise, this is fucking salvation. Open up your lungs, and run with your hirsute saviours.

Them Wolves EP9 out of 10

Track Listing:

  1. The Wild Girl of Champagne
  2. Folding a Napkin on TerminalIsland
  3. Let’s You and Him Fight
  4. You’re More Like a Young Mary Bell
  5. Wolf Song



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