The Treatment + Buffalo Summer + Massive @ The Slade Rooms, Wolverhampton – Wednesday 8th October 2014


Review and photos by Lisa Billingham

Another school night at the Slade Rooms in Wolverhampton and judging by headliners The Treatment on their Second Bite UK Tour, being supported by Buffalo Summer and Massive, I am seriously wondering if Slade Rooms will get a new one torn tonight!

First up was Melbourne hard rockers Massive. Playing tracks off their debut album Full Throttle which was released in July, Fosters sized Brad Marr rarely stood still for the whole set and shared the pit with me on a couple of occasions. Their songs are full of anthemic lyrics and you simply have to say wow they can all play well.  Massive haven’t been on the scene long but you wouldn’t have known that and in fact it wasn’t long after their formation that they were playing in LA …… what does that tell you?


During the set they popped in a really stunning melodic track called ‘Ghost’ which showed off Ben Laguda’s guitar talent so well with a couple of cracking solos. Interspersing the tracks with comments along the lines of “I need a fucking beer” Brad supped the occasional can of Fosters and then the Carling.

Their new single One by One is hard hitting and bass driven with some amazing vocals. Whilst this single sounds a lot like some of the bands they are influenced by, it definitely has their own touch and flair and I love it !

Full Throttle is the album name and full throttle they play at. Head banging, hair swooshes, beer, the lot. Give this album a good listen, up loud and be prepared to be knocked off your feet!

One minus point? These guys need a bigger stage and I mean BIG.

Buffalo Summer
Buffalo Summer

Buffalo Summer took to the stage amidst several girly cheers from the front row. This Welsh rock band have perfected the art of fusing AOR and 70s music. A Southern bluesy rock feel good combo, it must be said.

Whilst a more casual band on stage than Massive, Buffalo Summer have so much presence and engage well with their audience. Playing tracks off their self titled album, they show Andy Hunt’s uncomplicated, precision vocals. ‘Down To The River’ got the crowd singing along nicely.

I will be honest and say I am struggling to find the words that describe what I heard. It was a set full of bluesy rock with soulful overtimes at every turn. It’s all laid back quality. Think of a sunny Sunday (or any day) afternoon, MP3 in the ears, a beer and Buffalo Summer.

You can completely understand why they have supported the likes of Ugly Kid Joe, Skid Row and Duff McKagan – their sound is a flawless mix for these headline acts. They left me wanting to hear more. Catch ’em when you can, you will not be disappointed!

The Treatment
The Treatment

Over the sound system comes Tenpole Tudor’s ‘Swords of a Thousand Men’, heralding The Treatment’s  arrival to the stage. Long gone are the boys we saw at HRH last November and again at the Slade Rooms back in February.  Despite not forgetting their roots – Cambridge still adorns their Marshalls – we now have slicked back hair, more leather and tattoos and an altogether different persona on stage.  Yes, it’s still The Treatment with their boundless energy levels and yes it’s the same music but now they have taken it up a level and I like what I see!

Their album Running With The Dogs has spawned a few tasty singles, the latest being ‘The Outlaw’ which was released a few weeks ago. Fabian Dammers joined the band following the departure of Jake Pattinson and has established himself as a guitarist who has excellent stage presence which now matches the others, as he and Tag now change sides throughout the set.

The Treatment
The Treatment

These guys have toured in support of many famous names in the last few years – Steel Panther, Thin Lizzy, Kiss and Motley Crue to name but a few and this is their second headline tour. All the tracks are capable of making it big but which one will it take to spark the Nation’s interest? Whilst I like them all, my own favourites are ‘Emergency’ (a little more melodic), ‘Drink Fuck Fight’ (always) and ‘The Outlaw’ (the new single) and if this gets the airplay it richly deserves them I am sure it will go far.

One thing that was apparent tonight was that each band interacted well and enjoyed being on stage and the crowd enjoyed them. This set of bands will be stepping into Europe as soon as the UK leg of the tour is complete.

1. I Bleed Rock N Roll
2. The Doctor
3. Don’t Look Down
4. Emergency
5. Let It Begin
6. Bloodsucker
7. Drink Fuck Fight
8. The Outlaw
9. Running With The Dogs
10. Get The Party On
11. Shake The Mountain
12. Departed


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