The Soap Girls – Calls for Rebellion


It’s real you can feel it…

Review by Martin Stanyer

The Soap Girls are a Rock/Pop/Punk duo from South Africa consisting of Mille and Mie, who have just recorded their album ‘Calls for Rebellion’ The first track is ‘Pretend Friend’ leading you into a false sense of security that this is a ‘safe’ listen. There is an element of danger, a dark side with brilliant harmonies and hooks that keep you, as a listener, wanting more. ‘Welcome to the Neighbourhood’ is where the party kicks in, lush vocals that stand out in today’s industry, a kick ass guitar riff and a feeling that you are stuck in Cape Town… you get a sense of where these girls have come from, a sense of danger…a will to break out and take over the world.

‘Hater’ is a perfect example of a damn near perfect song…like an animal growl at the start its dark undertones lure you in….the lyrics lay it out straight, “I’m a hater, that’s what I do, you hate me, I fucking hate you,” we’re not hiding secrets here. I’m sure we can all relate to this song. If this was played in any club people would be up dancing feeling as badasss as this songs groove is. Packed full of gems there are numerous songs that anyone of any age can relate to. ‘Hold on Tight’ is bass driven groove, with some sweet guitar tones that allow the song to breathe. The chorus is packed full of pop sensibility with a warning message about love.

Songs like ‘Pretty Good Looking’ and ‘Cigarettes and Medicine’ fit the album perfectly… these are songs you can definitely imagine being played at festivals. There is an anthem quality, with the instruments weaving around one another but not overshadowing each other. The stand out track for me is ‘Champagne Cocaine’ – this is punk rock and pop at its best, with an anti-work anthem, the chorus is poppy in a good way… it’s a driven song that really introduces these girls as a band full of rebellion. It has a strong beat and brilliant video to accompany. Having heard this song live it gets everybody dancing… the groove is irresistible, the attitudes even better and that’s what appeals. The album is produced well, without trying to be too slick. That’s what sells this to me. It’s real you can feel it.

‘Real’ is the albums final track which could be mistaken for a 90s grunge anthem bought to the modern world, deep sexy vocals; ‘I’ve got a taste for blood tonight’ what more do you want? The Soap Girls are more than just this album, they know what they are writing about, it’s easy to relate to them and you can feel their passion and energy. Not since Appetite for Destruction have I heard an album that wanted to make its point, this band is not to be messed with. These girls are great musicians with a knack for writing and performing great music. The sound is consistent and by the end of the album you feel like you know a little bit more about them. Rock n Roll at is finest.

The Soap Girls - 20158 out of 10

Track listing:

  1. Pretend Friend
  2. Welcome to the Neighbourhood
  3. Voodoo Child
  4. Hater
  5. Bloody
  6. Nymph
  7. Hold on Tight
  8. Pretty Good Looking
  9. Cigarettes and Medicine
  10. House of Fun
  11. Waiting in the Wings
  12. Black Mass
  13. Champagne Cocaine
  14. Snakes and Ladders
  15. Ugly Underneath
  16. Real