The Lost Souls Club – High Noon


Review by Paul Broome

A decade ago you could count the number of alternative blues-rock bands on the fingers of one hand, now they seem to be emerging at a rate of several a week. Thankfully The Lost Souls Club are a UK band who have something a bit different to offer.

First track and debut single ‘Romeo’ kicks in with a great cycling baritone riff that propels the song along nicely, through dynamic shrieking solos and darkly delivered vocals. ‘Kiss Away The Sun’ slows things down a little, but loses none of the atmosphere – not unlike Jesus and Mary Chain in one of their pop-ballad savvy moments. ‘Shoot Me Down’ is a supressed superheated rage of a song – a great summation of LSC’s uniquely British slant on the blues rock genre, hints of The Cooper Temple Clause rubbing shoulders with BMRC.

‘We’re All Gonna Die Anyway’ is a lot more upbeat than the title would suggest, great vocals at the centre of a total stomp-along anthem of a track. While closing track ‘I Know I Spoke Too Soon’ rounds things off in a more reflective manner, swathes of slide guitar draped over a fragile vocal.

A great collection of tracks that serves as an ideal introduction to a very promising band. If any of the bands mentioned above are your bag then I recommend you get hold of this now.

8 out of 10919833428-1

Track listing:

  • Romeo
  • Kiss Away the Sun
  • Shoot Me Down
  • We’re All Gonna Die Anyway
  • I Know I Spoke Too Soon