The Goddamn Electric – Snake Bite


Review by Robert Baker

From that cuddly corner of Mother England’s terra firma known as Manchester, UK, comes The Goddamn Electric, four homespun Sayers of sooths known simply as ‘rock’ with a large slice of meaty ‘and roll’ for good measure.

With ten tracks to get through and no time to waste we’re immediately flung into the foray of the band’s ethos of how ‘It’s all about the music’ as it kicks you into album opener ‘Loyal To The Sinner’, the entire band fired up from the get-go as vocals announce the intention to get you rocking right-now to the boot crunching guitar that has you slamming you into the groove being forged by a titan of a tub-thumper.

And it’s a groove you’re in no danger of leaving anytime soon, with following track ‘Morning Injection’ twisting your ears and hips into The Goddamn Electric’s own style of rhythm and grind, a mosh-pit filler with a glint in the eye perfect for slamming singletons launching themselves at the fleshy bits of similar single slammers perchance open for some private fleshy bit slamming post gig.

‘Scarecrow’ shows a more complex writing to the rock n’ rhythm, the tempo reeling itself in before the mid-point mark to throw you around to a slightly off-cambered dance, the effect lending the song a menacing power of intent behind the vocals as you can almost feel the atmosphere growing some hair across its knuckles.

A measured pouring of title track ‘Snake Bite’ brings with it a stirring of the syrupy groove in the form of the solo, the cymbals somewhat overplayed and lonely in the background and a missed opportunity to add some thickening bass to the mix.

But without doubt the crowning glory on the album is ‘Holding Me’. Here, The Goddamn Electric take everything that’s gone before on the album and adds a denim umbrella and cherry combo with a seven minute monster of musical melodrama and might. The throes of emotive passion within the vocals are let fully off their leash, with frontman Tommy verging between ‘the lost soul’ and ‘the wronged and enraged’ as you delve deeper into the mix and find layers of moreish suspense filled breaks and piquant solos glazed with a sprinkling of guitarist Al’s special six-stringed sugar.

With appearances set for 2013 to include gigs at Hammerfest, Les-fest and the Scarfest Festivals, your summer festival survival kit list should read; Tent, tickets, sun-screen and Snake Bite.

The Goddamn Electric 20138 out of 10

Track listing:

  1. Loyal to the Sinner
  2. Morning Injection
  3. Scarecrow
  4. Jealous Contradiction
  5. Something More
  6. Revive and Survive
  7. Snake Bite
  8. Too Dirty
  9. Holding Me
  10. San Francisco



  1. Kind of naggingly simplistic riffs and melodies on the Reverbnation link, that I thought would aggravate, but become quite compelling.

  2. Good score for a band that impressed me at Hammerfest…even though they hit me in the face with a frisbee style throw of a CD.

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