The Fat Dukes Of Fuck – Honey From The Lips Of An Angel


Loud, offensive, meaty, beaty, big and bouncy…

Review by Jason Guest

Subtlety? Check. Sensitivity? Check. Political correctness? Check. Yup, all gone. In the wild, wacky and wonderfully twisted world of The Fat Dukes of Fuck, only the almighty cock, sloppy sex, perpetual partying, the slaying of small children, the dedication of dancing dunces, and heavy doses of alcohol and  nicotine are all that matter. Ice Pubes, Professor Horse Exhaust, The Shit Wizard, and Crib Death’s idea of fun is beer and pizza and taking the piss. Every tune is as dirty as the cheapest hooker on the Las Vegas Strip and as excitable as the next winner on the tables in Caesar’s Palace. Loud and offensive, meaty, beaty, big and bouncy, bulging at the seams and frothing at the mouth, TFDoF’s cup doth runneth over with frat party antics.

Largely derivative of every wacky band you ever heard, this is dirty rock ‘n roll filth peppered with bass-heavy grooves shot to bits with displaced and discordant guitar melodies with big ’n juicy vocal melodies and harmonies courtesy of Primus, the blues-tinged grooves of Clutch, the heaviness of Sabbath, and the Noo Yoik punk/hip hop attitude of the Beastie Boys. It may not be original bit it’s fucking funny. Ironically smutty and wholeheartedly cheap, Honey From The Lips Of An Angel won’t make the world a better place, nor will it give the individual a greater insight into the perplexities of existence or the anxieties of the mundane. But none of that shit matters because the party’s just started and you’ll soon be too pissed to give a fuck.

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Track listing:

  1. The Mighty Bulge
  2. Sorry About Your Dick
  3. Oral Agenda
  4. Prelude To The Greatest Night Of Your Life
  5. Step Aside And Let That Fucker Dance
  6. Cigarette
  7. I Killed A Small Child
  8. Let My People Grow
  9. Honey From The Lips Of An Angel