The Dirty Youth – Requiem Of The Drunk (EP)


Review by Tosh Davies

The Dirty Youth – Requiem Of The Drunk (EP)

Yet again another export from my homeland of South Wales are pushing the right buttons and gaining some well deserved recognition. A kick ass band with a smoking hot front woman, Danni Monroe looks as good as she can sing, which is already worth three points. ‘Requiem For The Drunk’ is a rock/punk/pop hybrid which is a sure fire foot stomper. Personally I prefer ‘Curtain Call’ with its metallic bite and thumping chorus which really emphasizes Danni’s excellent voice.

If these three tracks are a taste of what’s to come then I say bring it on! Capturing the energy of their live shows is no mean feat but one they’ve managed to pull off. ‘Sophie’s Song’ is another track of many influences all trying to fight for supremacy which results in it sounding a little hurried. I’m positive that The Dirty Youth have an excellent album imbedded deep within them fighting to get out. If they keep the formula of Curtain Call they will be massive! Plenty of groove, ripping solos and catchy melodies will elevate these guys to festival mainstages soon enough.

7 out of 10

Track Listing:

  1. Requiem For The Drunk
  2. Curtain Call
  3. Sophie’s Song

And here’s an acoustic preview of what’s to come…